Following the launch of AuSkills, Ausphin’s exclusive marketing partner in the Philippines, we are beefing up our services by expanding our reach globally and finding more traineeship programs for our qualified candidates. With the addition of the J-1 program and Working Class Visa 457, candidates now have choices to pursue traineeships in Las Vegas, Nevada, and find employment opportunities in Sydney, Australia for up to four years! Exciting new cultures and fusions of different culinary flavors and techniques now await Ausphin trainees! This is in line with our brand promise of providing the best career opportunities for our participants by constantly innovating and leveling up services and partnerships.

A great place to meet people with different kinds of culture.

Australia is considered as the melting pot of the world because of its population that consists of different people from all around the world.


Job opportunities are available to everyone.

Australia offers different opportunities in retail, commercial and corporate. Whether you’re looking for office work or outdoor work, these types of job is ample in Australia.


Getting a visa is relatively easy

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Ausphin will help you get a working visa that will help you train alongside industry experts in the culinary industry.


The laidback lifestyle will complement your stay in Australia

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Work-life balance is known in Australia because they value the importance of resting and relaxing after a hard day’s work.


Society is very multicultural and Australia surely has a bright future ahead.

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The country booming with a lot of innovations. So “what’s good about Australia?’’ the answer is everything.


Unemployment rates are very low

Based on Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, the unemployed rate fell from 5.8 to 5.7 last January.

( Source: 16/unemployment-jobs- abs-data- january/8276040 )


Has a prosperous economy and vibrant cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

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Australia has been flourishing with tourists and many companies offer opportunities to those who are seeking employment and learning opportunities in major cities.