What is theTraineeship Program?

Our traineeship program is based on the Australian Training and Research Visa. It is a structured workplace based training program that runs for a minimum of one year. It is a structured workplace based training program that reflects recognized Australian standards.

Trainees come from all over the world and different workplaces from cruise ships, to hotels, to smaller restaurants. We give our trainees the chance to pursue their career aspirations in a competitive environment here in Australia.

In return, we expect their dedication to the program and to the Industry Partner, so that all parties benefit from the partnership. We are proud of our trainees, and the majority of them move on from the traineeship program to be sponsored by their employers and even promoted to the next level for long-term employment.


These are the minimum criteria set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia.

  • Are you between 18 to 50 years of age?
  • Have you been employed in your field of expertise for a minimum of 12 months in the past 2 years?
  • Do you have sufficient knowledge of the English language?

If your answer is YES to all these 3 questions, then you are qualified based on the minimum criteria.

Dynamic Roles

The Industry Partner, Ausphin as the Sponsor and the Candidate as the Trainee, plays a dynamic role during the entire Traineeship Program.


Trainees agree to participate in the assessment that will be used to measure progress. Trainees are required to abide by the traineeship program and dedicate their stay in the nominated
Industry Partner.


Ausphin sponsors eligible candidates for the Traineeship and Research Program and will be responsible for the end to end process. We process necessary documents for submission to Department of Immigration and Border Protection, we identify the current skills-set of the trainees and design the training plan required by the Industry Partner. In addition, we monitor and provide support throughout the duration of the candidates training program.

Industry Partners

They provide the Trainees a minimum of 12 months Training Program and maintain minimum training hours of 30 hours per week. They should provide a workplace supervisor who will monitor, advise, assess, and mentor the Trainee.

Compensation Details

The Visa 407 Program is a
Paid Traineeship Program. 

  • The hourly rate can increase depending on the offer of the industry partner;
  • A minimum of 30 hours of work per week. The hours of work can increase depending on the offer of the industry partner or the business needs;
  • Superannuation equivalent to 9.5% of the candidate’s annual salary. Superannuation is similar to a retirement plan;
  • And additional pay for overtime and weekend work.

Our Process

We are committed to preparing our candidates with the necessary skills and requirements to make sure that their application until their job onboarding will be a seamless process.

Candidates are required to accomplish the application form. Thereafter, eligible candidates will be invited for a pre-screening interview with an Ausphin Consultant either online or face to face. If you are qualified, the program and fees will be discussed in detail.

The candidate should register by filling out the Participants Terms and Conditions and Fees and Agreement Guidelines in order to be accepted in the program. A registration fee is required to ensure Ausphin that the candidate will take the program seriously and cooperate accordingly. Then, Ausphin will arrange interviews with Industry Partners.

The interview proper will be done online or through a phone interview. The candidate should be available for all interviews with the Industry Partner and respond within 24 hours to any contact/s made by Ausphin. We will provide coaching, guidance, and tips to the candidate prior to the interview proper to help the candidates present themselves better and get a higher chance of being selected.

If the Industry Partner is satisfied with the interview, they will provide a traineeship job offer to the candidate. If, in the event that the Industry Partner is not satisfied with the interview, Ausphin will continuously endorse the candidate’s profile to Industry Partners.

Ausphin will nominate you in an occupation aligned in your field of expertise. It will also serve as the pathway wherein the Trainee will progress and work their skills towards that role. Then, the creation of the Training Plan – a detailed information on training and assessment needed by the trainee. On a quarterly basis, the trainee and the supervisor will sit down to discuss the progress of the traineeship program.

Requirements are sent via electronic mail or email. Candidates should keep the original copies in their file should it be required by any parties in the future. Any outstanding fees should be settled. Successful candidates are only given a maximum period of two weeks to complete all the necessary requirements for Visa Processing.

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