What do you do first when you arrive in another country? Some tour the city and marvel at historic landmarks, some check out the hottest tourist spots, and some go straight to the stalls and try out different kinds of food. The last one is our favorite kind. Australia boasts of a lot of fun dishes that are must-tries for tourists, but one very distinct one always excites each and everyone’s adventurous taste buds: KANGAROO MEAT.

Yes, you heard that right. Move over pork, beef, and chicken… there’s a different kind of superstar in town.

Australians treat kangaroo meat as any kind of meat. They fillet it, use it for barbeques, jerky, and even use it as toppings for pizza… it’s too normal, it’s kind of bizarre! But of course, if kangaroos outnumber the number of Australians in their own land, we’re sure there’s a lot of room to experiment with different styles and flavors!

What does kangaroo meat taste like? They say it’s a cross between venison and buffalo meat. It has a gamey taste that has a distinct but not overpowering flavor. Perfect for those who want their sense of taste to level up but not over board. Its texture is not as dry as a deer’s but a lot leaner than a buffalo’s.

Curious? This is the first thing you need to try when you get to Australia!