It’s the beginning of another year! People associate the New Year with fresh starts and new opportunities. They’re usually so pumped up to get started on their lists but lose steam after a few days into the first month. Then, the cycle repeats itself. Don’t get into the habit of losing motivation. Make sure you strive to drive yourself to achieve the goals you want to accomplish for yourself.

We decided to give you a few steps on how to make sure you maintain your motivation from start to finish. Make sure you list them all down so you don’t forget!

1. Find your passion and get inspired!

When you’re passionate about something, it always becomes a source of inspiration. You actually look forward to doing it. Check your hobbies and your interests, what sparks you the most? Finance? Writing? Cooking? Find your passion and hold on to it.


2. Go big on your dreams!

Now, it’s time to find ways to maintain the spark it ignites in you. Hone your interests and skills to align with what you’re passionate about. Make it your end goal.

3. Make your dreams your goals!

You know what they say, write down your goals and you’re halfway there. How to make your dreams your goals? Make sure they are SMART – specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Now, write them down.

4. Work backwards

Now, create a timeline. Break down your goals into smaller, more specific tasks. Then create a timeline for each task. Goals can be overwhelming, but formatting them into checkable to do’s will make them mentally reachable and will spark new motivation every time you check the box!

5. Execute!


The most important part of kick starting the year is to EXECUTE. Call that agent, send that email, finish your CV, read that article. Be proactive and always seize the day!

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