Industry Partners

Ausphin is the market leader for traineeship and employment solutions, and a trusted industry partner of renowned companies in the hospitality industry.

At Ausphin, we recognize the demands and importance of skilled workforce which contributes to the business, industry, and global economy. Ausphin’s main purpose is the commitment in providing Australian employers with the best employment solutions with motivated and experienced staff that meet the demands and expectations of the world’s biggest and fast growing industries – hospitality. Ausphin also provides the employee with an opportunity to be trained and further develop their skills set to become professionals in the industry.

As one of the leading training and post-graduate specialists, Ausphin enumerated several reasons to consider our trainees:

  • All of the candidates have a minimum one (1) year experience in their field.
  • Our candidates are committed to gain international and valuable experience.
  • Competent level of English communication skills
  • The legal terms and conditions for the whole traineeship program are stipulated in a form of contract.
  • At Ausphin, we take the time ensure the trainees skills and goals are matched with the industry partner.
  • We provide training plans and personalised documents prior to the commencement of the program.
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Ausphin's Industry Partners

Benefits for Partners

Ausphin makes it possible for clients to grow a culture of talents.

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Free Traineeship

Fees only apply on successful permanent placement.


Candidates are screened and selected specially for your unique brand.


Strong work ethics and respect for environment.


We provide industry support for your leaders and managers through free workshops and consultation.


With our partnership, you have ongoing access to all of our services from consultation, workshops, to talented candidates of all levels.

Our Process

Our Process

Skilled Recruitment

Ausphin offers a full-range of support to help companies fill their vacancies from sourcing to screening, endorsement to placement, as well as on boarding and contract management – to provide you the best industry professional that fits your company’s needs.

Traineeship and Research Visa Program

Industry Partners will provide the Trainees a minimum of 12 months Training Program and maintain minimum training hours of 30 hours per week. There should be provide a workplace supervisor who will monitor, advise, assess, and mentor the Trainee.

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