Educational Partners

Partner with us to give your culinary students the international exposure and opportunities to be trained in prominent hotels and restaurants across Australia!

This program will help your students to have immeasurable doors of opportunities that they need to excel in the international setting. It also allows to provide them with a higher possibility for employment abroad. Providing your students with such opportunities will also result in the enrollment of highly driven, independent starter, and passionate students, determined to reach their goals and attain professional success in culinary and hospitality industry.
We are the leading recruitment partner in the hospitality industry for the best companies in Australia.

We prioritise the students of our educational partners to fill in the vacancies available in Australia and ensure that they are monitored and properly accommodated for the entire duration of their traineeship program. An Ausphin community in Sydney is ready and eager to support our trainees and help ease their adjustment to a new country, environment, and culture. Aside from this, students will be paid as occupational trainees by obtaining a 407 or Research and Training Visa.

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Our Educational Partners