Australia is known for their people, weather, and kangaroos… but is a bit underrated when it comes to their food. But it’s starting to get the attention it deserves! The culinary and hospitality industries are starting to boom and we want Filipinos to be part of this when the hotel and restaurant scene gets even bigger!

At Ausphin, we’re looking for qualified candidates to train with the best of the best in Australia’s most renowned establishments in culinary and hospitality. You might ask, why train Australia? We have five strong reasons for you.

1. Australians love to eat.

Who doesn’t love eating? But in Australia, people do everything with food! As a friendly country with great weather, Australians love having barbeques at their homes or trying out different cuisines. The weather won’t hinder them from creating plans with friends and family so eating out is always a go!

2. Australia is the melting pot of cooking styles and food.

Australia is one of the most multi-cultural nations in the world. This means their food is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines! This is a perfect way to be exposed to the different styles of cooking and different ways of eating! This will train you to be flexible and enhance your skills as chefs and other roles in the kitchen or hotel!

3. You can use unique ingredients to level up your cooking.

Australia has a crazy list of unique ingredients that you can integrate to your cooking. From vegemite and potato cakes to kangaroo and crocodile meat, the possibilities for new ideas for food are endless! Get creative and shock your mentors and peers.

4. There are more cuisine establishments than fast food chains.

Although there are a lot of fast food chains in the country, Australians still prefer their metropolitan centers to be filled with haute and nouvelle cuisines that offer local and international food! Again, this is because of the strong multiculturalism in the country.

5. Get paid while you train!

Get trained while being paid like an employee! Learn from the best mentors and practice at the most renowned establishments. Ausphin will help get you a 402 Visa to enter Australia as an occupational trainee. Widen your experience while earning at the same time!

There are so many great things in Australia to see and explore and opportunities to take advantage of. At Ausphin, we want give Filipinos the chance to build a career in Australia while living their passion! We are currently looking for qualified candidates for chef de partie, junior sou chef, demi chef de partie, commis positions! Send us your CVs at or visit our website at for more details.