It was a very prosperous year of growth for the Ausphin team last 2016 and we could not have ended it better with an occasion that enabled us to give back and spend time with the amazing children at My Father’s House in BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines. They were our chosen charity for 2016’s Ausphin Charity program.

My Father’s House is a private, non-profit child-caring agency that caters to children in need of special protection, ages 4 to 17; providing them with basic needs such as shelter, education, clothing, loving parental care and spiritual nurturing.

The team organized a whole day event of fun for the kids. Aside from ordering Jollibee, the number one fast food chain in the Philippines, we also prepared games for them to enjoy. We also brought some essentials that they can use everyday.



At the end of our Ausphin Charity, we felt very fulfilled for being able to put a smile into these children’s faces. It was a good time to hit pause from a busy day at work and spend time with this positive and compassionate community.


For other companies or even groups who are looking for a community to partner with for their CSR efforts, check out My Father’s House digital details: