At Ausphin, we want to be the main partner of Filipino professionals in the culinary and hospitality industries in providing them with opportunities to train in the best hotels and restaurants in Australia and eventually find a stable job for them to really live out their passion for food and service. At the same time, we encourage our candidates to also explore the wonders of the land down under. After all, living out your passion is a balance of work and play!

This holiday season, we want to show you how Australians celebrate Christmas. It’s similar to how people celebrate it in the Philippines but don’t bring out your gloves and jackets just yet! Trust us, you won’t need it.

1. Christmas in Australia falls on SUMMERTIME!

People are used the custom of celebrating Christmas during winter time, or in the case of the Philippines, the “-ber” months where the weather is usually cool and a bit wet. In Australia, however, the much-celebrated holidays fall during their summer season! This is because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere! The summer is the northern hemisphere) is wintertime in the southern hemisphere and vice versa! Want to experience a different kind of Christmas, celebrate it in Australia!

2. Australia still celebrates traditions usually done during winter.

It can be ironic but popular Christmas carols are still sung in Australia during Christmas time such as “Let It Snow” and “Frosty the Snowman.” Most of Australia’s immigrants came from England and Ireland, bringing their Christmas customs with them. The weather may be hot but that will not stop them from being one with the world in harmony!

3. Get ready to get your grill on in the land down under!

As you may already know, Australians love to do things outside. Because of the amazing weather, people are used to going outdoors and celebrating everything in their backyards, beaches or parks. During Christmas time, it’s the same! People usually spend the holidays swimming, surfing, sailing or riding bicycles. The best part is, families celebrate Christmas by having a backyard barbeque!

4. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind outdoor concert!

Australia’s most popular event during Christmas season is called “Carols by Candlelight.” People come together to light candles and sing Christmas carols outside with families and friends.

5. Decorate your homes using summer flowers and plants.

Because it’s summer time, flowers bloom left and right. People use these to decorate their homes in time for Christmas. The most popular flowers during this season are Christmas bush and Christmas bellflower. Some families also put up the popular Christmas tree!

6. Santa who?

Santa Claus isn’t the only one children wait for during Christmas. Australia’s popular Father Christmas also steals the show. He is usually in shorts getting ready to greet families in the beach and is known to leave gifts for children.