Feeling fulfilled isn’t always about getting what you want. Sometimes, it’s about getting what you want while not missing on life itself. It’s about achieving work-life balance.

Our trainees deserve a break from work and a pat from the back. We appreciate all the efforts they have put through, so we organized a bowling night for them to have fun!

The trainees mingled with each other, shared a laugh, bonded over simple games and competed with different teams during a mini bowling tournament.

The winning team:

· Sheri Altarejos
· Mark Yuson Aduca
· Neil Uy
· Joe Anthony Bose
· Kristienne Tome
· Marlon Muriel
· Raffy Padohinog

The winners:

1st Place: Raffy Padohinog

2nd Place: Neil Uy

3rd Place: Joe Anthony Bose

The goal is for them to form a relationship with other trainees and make them feel that Ausphin is their home away from home.