Ausphin has built its reputation as Australia’s premier recruitment partner for the hospitality industry by ensuring that all its candidates for deployment are 100% qualified and highly motivated. Passionate people always create a good and healthy environment that builds a culture conducive to growth and further learning. We all want to be in that kind of surrounding but aside from that, what else can you get from your traineeship? Why choose Ausphin among other qualified agencies?

  1. Reputation and Industry Partners

    When moving to a new country, you are risking more than you know. If you do not transition properly, you’ll feel miserable even if you land your dream job or traineeship abroad. When a lot is at stake, why settle for less? Ausphin is the leading traineeship partner of the most renowned hotels and restaurants in Sydney. We have an excellent an onboarding system that will make you feel well accommodated and take cared of.


  2. Aside from our hands-on assistance in processing your visa documents and traineeship, we will properly brief you of everything you need to know before your training begins and will turn you over to the most hospitable people when you arrive in Sydney. Our Sydney team will help you with your lodging and even be with you during your workplace visit to ensure that you build good rapport with your mentor and fellow co-workers. They will also check on you every once and a while to make sure that you are adjusting properly and excelling in the right direction. A direction you are truly passionate about.That’s assistance at its finest… and the most important point of consideration for everyone moving to a new country.
  3. Worldwide Reach

    Ausphin started its operations in the Philippines but has since expanded its reach worldwide. Chefs and hospitality professionals from all over the world now have an equal chance to advance their careers and move to Australia to further enhance their knowledge and get quality first hand experience from the world’s best mentors.

    Australia is one of the melting pots of the world; adjusting to its way of life is very easy! Aussies are known to be very friendly as well. No need to feel intimidated, expect your traineeship to be full of learning, new friends, fun experiences, and crazy adventures!

  4. Working Visa

    Some of you might be hesitant to take traineeship programs because it does not equate to being employed. You are there to train and learn. For some, they cannot afford further learning because they also need to support their families. With Ausphin, you will be given proper compensation for the hours you put in. You will be provided a 402 Visa or a Training and Research Visa. This visa allows you to (1) take part in structured workplace-based training to enhance your skills in your current occupation, area of tertiary study, or field of expertise (Occupational Trainee stream); (2) participate in a professional development training program in Australia after being invited to do so Professional Development stream, and; (3) observe or participate in an Australian research project after being invited to do so (Research stream) ( You will be considered an Occupational Trainee and is entitled to a salary. With Ausphin, you’ll earn while you learn!

  5. Community Building

    Again, we cannot emphasize proper transition enough. Homesickness is one of the main problems of trainees and workers abroad. Part of Ausphin’s long-term commitment to candidates is to include them in a community of current and former Ausphin trainees that will act as their support system. We also organize events such as Bowling Night, Fun Day, Christmas party, and others to ensure that you sustain your good relationships with fellow trainees and even host companies. Our candidates usually develop lasting friendships with their fellow candidates.

  6. Permanent Employment and Skills Gap Training

    Ausphin is also the premier partner in recruitment and skills gap training in Australia for the hospitality industry. Aside from traineeship, we also offer skilled recruitment and skills gap training.

  7. We ensure that our candidates for recruitment are well prepared and meet the standards of our principals and clients. We offer skills gap training to candidates who need to up-skill their competencies to meet the international standard of excellence required to land employment opportunities abroad. We also provide Australian accreditation to those who need a competitive advantage over their peers to find better opportunities locally and internationally. Lastly, we also offer permanent employment to those who are well-equipped, highly motivated and exceptionally skilled individuals who want to work in Australia’s fast rising hospitality industry.We always prioritize our Ausphin candidates and try to provide them the holistic Ausphin experience that they deserve. We are your growth partners, we are here to help you succeed, live out your passions, and reach your dreams!