Choose Culinary in Australia

Australia is known for their people, weather, and kangaroos… but is a bit underrated when it comes to their food. But it’s starting to get the attention it deserves! The culinary and hospitality industries are starting to boom and we want Filipinos to be part of this when the hotel and restaurant scene gets even bigger!

At Ausphin, we’re looking for qualified candidates to train with the best of the best in Australia’s most renowned establishments in culinary and hospitality. You might ask, why train Australia? We have five strong reasons for you.

1. Australians love to eat.

Who doesn’t love eating? But in Australia, people do everything with food! As a friendly country with great weather, Australians love having barbeques at their homes or trying out different cuisines. The weather won’t hinder them from creating plans with friends and family so eating out is always a go!

2. Australia is the melting pot of cooking styles and food.

Australia is one of the most multi-cultural nations in the world. This means their food is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines! This is a perfect way to be exposed to the different styles of cooking and different ways of eating! This will train you to be flexible and enhance your skills as chefs and other roles in the kitchen or hotel!

3. You can use unique ingredients to level up your cooking.

Australia has a crazy list of unique ingredients that you can integrate to your cooking. From vegemite and potato cakes to kangaroo and crocodile meat, the possibilities for new ideas for food are endless! Get creative and shock your mentors and peers.

4. There are more cuisine establishments than fast food chains.

Although there are a lot of fast food chains in the country, Australians still prefer their metropolitan centers to be filled with haute and nouvelle cuisines that offer local and international food! Again, this is because of the strong multiculturalism in the country.

5. Get paid while you train!

Get trained while being paid like an employee! Learn from the best mentors and practice at the most renowned establishments. Ausphin will help get you a 402 Visa to enter Australia as an occupational trainee. Widen your experience while earning at the same time!

There are so many great things in Australia to see and explore and opportunities to take advantage of. At Ausphin, we want give Filipinos the chance to build a career in Australia while living their passion! We are currently looking for qualified candidates for chef de partie, junior sou chef, demi chef de partie, commis positions! Send us your CVs at or visit our website at for more details.

8 Things to Know About Culinary in Australia

The hospitality and culinary industries can be notoriously difficult businesses to be a part of. People spend their money and time to do something they seek pleasure from, so they are very particular in the service they are getting and are definitely less forgiving when their standards for comfort and leisure aren’t met.

This is why you need proper training and the right kind of environment to develop your technical and social skills. Australia is one of the best locations to train in because of the numerous opportunities, accommodating people and excellent training programs. Plus, who doesn’t want to tour around Australia?

At Ausphin, we want to give you a chance to train and build a sustainable career in Australia. We specifically match your skillsets to our vacancies to allow you to maximize your experience in learning, training and delivering your tasks.

Here are 10 reasons why Australia is one of the best places for hospitality and culinary:

  1. Australians are one of the friendliest people in the world.

Filipinos are afraid to look for training and career opportunities abroad because they are intimidated with how other cultures will treat them. In Australia, you do not have to be afraid. Australians are very relaxed in general and appreciative of the services catered to them.

  1. You will learn how to become more punctual

Say goodbye to the infamous Filipino time! At Australia, people value the importance of time and delivery. You will be trained by industry leaders to maximize your time at work and deliver tasks efficiently. Get ready for amazing work ethics that you can apply in the future!

  1. Get equal opportunities; one of the most multicultural nations on Earth.

Sometimes, people are hesitant to travel abroad because they might not get the same opportunities as others. Apart from being friendly, Australia is known as one of the most multicultural nations on Earth. People are treated the same way and get equal opportunities; let your skills do the talking for you. Go up the ladder the right way!

  1. Enter Australia with a 402 Visa.

All suitable candidates will enter Australia with a 402 visa. This means that Ausphin will issue the necessary documentation needed for candidates to obtain the training and research visa – the occupational trainee stream.

  1. Get paid during your traineeship.

Learn and get experience while being paid! It’s one of the best things that Ausphin can give their candidates; a parallel trajectory in experience and finances. Plus, more and more people have been joining so they don’t have to worry about missing home. Filipinos represent!

  1. Enjoy the amazing weather

Australia has one of the best weathers in the world! It rarely rains; it’s usually just bright and sunny without being too humid. People are productive because they don’t get hindered by bad weather.

  1. Visit awesome tourist destinations.

Did you know that there are more kangaroos than people in Australia? Apart from tourist destinations you’ve already ready about it’s also fun to see unique flora and fauna found in the land down under! You’ll enjoy exploring this country.

  1. Work hard and party hard!

People just love to kick back and have a good time in Australia. When work ends, the party begins! Practice work life balance and enjoy the party scene. Get to meet a lot of new people! Build your network while having fun.

There are so many beautiful things in Australia to see and explore and opportunities to take advantage of. At Ausphin, we want give Filipinos the chance to build a career in Australia while living their passion! We're currenly looking for qualified candidates for chef de partie, junior sou chef, demi chef de partie, commis! Send us your CVs at or visit our website at for more details.

Kickstart Your Year Right!

It’s the beginning of another year! People associate the New Year with fresh starts and new opportunities. They’re usually so pumped up to get started on their lists but lose steam after a few days into the first month. Then, the cycle repeats itself. Don’t get into the habit of losing motivation. Make sure you strive to drive yourself to achieve the goals you want to accomplish for yourself.

We decided to give you a few steps on how to make sure you maintain your motivation from start to finish. Make sure you list them all down so you don’t forget!

1. Find your passion and get inspired!

When you’re passionate about something, it always becomes a source of inspiration. You actually look forward to doing it. Check your hobbies and your interests, what sparks you the most? Finance? Writing? Cooking? Find your passion and hold on to it.


2. Go big on your dreams!

Now, it’s time to find ways to maintain the spark it ignites in you. Hone your interests and skills to align with what you’re passionate about. Make it your end goal.

3. Make your dreams your goals!

You know what they say, write down your goals and you’re halfway there. How to make your dreams your goals? Make sure they are SMART – specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Now, write them down.

4. Work backwards

Now, create a timeline. Break down your goals into smaller, more specific tasks. Then create a timeline for each task. Goals can be overwhelming, but formatting them into checkable to do’s will make them mentally reachable and will spark new motivation every time you check the box!

5. Execute!


The most important part of kick starting the year is to EXECUTE. Call that agent, send that email, finish your CV, read that article. Be proactive and always seize the day!

For chefs and other culinary and hospitality professionals all over the world who are looking for opportunities to advance their skills and experience in their respective fields, we have a big break for you! Ausphin is looking for qualified applicants to train at the best and most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Australia. Learn from the best chefs in the land down under and increase your competitive advantage and industry networks! Send your CVs to today. We gave you tips, not it’s time to put them in action. Kickstart your goals with Ausphin!

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Celebrate Christmas in Australia

At Ausphin, we want to be the main partner of Filipino professionals in the culinary and hospitality industries in providing them with opportunities to train in the best hotels and restaurants in Australia and eventually find a stable job for them to really live out their passion for food and service. At the same time, we encourage our candidates to also explore the wonders of the land down under. After all, living out your passion is a balance of work and play!

This holiday season, we want to show you how Australians celebrate Christmas. It’s similar to how people celebrate it in the Philippines but don’t bring out your gloves and jackets just yet! Trust us, you won’t need it.

1. Christmas in Australia falls on SUMMERTIME!

People are used the custom of celebrating Christmas during winter time, or in the case of the Philippines, the "-ber” months where the weather is usually cool and a bit wet. In Australia, however, the much-celebrated holidays fall during their summer season! This is because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere! The summer is the northern hemisphere) is wintertime in the southern hemisphere and vice versa! Want to experience a different kind of Christmas, celebrate it in Australia!

2. Australia still celebrates traditions usually done during winter.

It can be ironic but popular Christmas carols are still sung in Australia during Christmas time such as “Let It Snow” and “Frosty the Snowman.” Most of Australia’s immigrants came from England and Ireland, bringing their Christmas customs with them. The weather may be hot but that will not stop them from being one with the world in harmony!

3. Get ready to get your grill on in the land down under!

As you may already know, Australians love to do things outside. Because of the amazing weather, people are used to going outdoors and celebrating everything in their backyards, beaches or parks. During Christmas time, it’s the same! People usually spend the holidays swimming, surfing, sailing or riding bicycles. The best part is, families celebrate Christmas by having a backyard barbeque!

4. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind outdoor concert!

Australia’s most popular event during Christmas season is called “Carols by Candlelight.” People come together to light candles and sing Christmas carols outside with families and friends.

5. Decorate your homes using summer flowers and plants.

Because it’s summer time, flowers bloom left and right. People use these to decorate their homes in time for Christmas. The most popular flowers during this season are Christmas bush and Christmas bellflower. Some families also put up the popular Christmas tree!

6. Santa who?

Santa Claus isn’t the only one children wait for during Christmas. Australia’s popular Father Christmas also steals the show. He is usually in shorts getting ready to greet families in the beach and is known to leave gifts for children.

Paid Traineeship Program

Occupational Traineeship & Research Visa and Paid Traineeship Program

Ausphin has been approved to sponsor suitable and eligible candidates for the Traineeship & Research Visa (subclass 402) by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

What is a Traineeship & Research Visa (TRV)?

A TRV is simply a temporary visa. The TRV can only be granted for a training program. The training program can be delivered for a minimum of 1 year, over a maximum period of up to 2 years.

Applicants wishing to remain in Australia after the conclusion of the training program must apply for a new temporary or permanent visa. Alternatively, you will be required to depart.

What is a Traineeship & Research Visa Program?

Under Ausphin’s sponsorship and a TRV (Traineeship & Research Visa), offshore/onshore applicants are able to complete a structured and supervised workplace based training program in Australia.

Ultimately, the Paid Traineeship Program allows candidates to enhance and/or add skills to their present fields of expertise or occupations in an exciting way! The applicant is able to gain valuable on the job training in an Australian firm, whilst making a genuine contribution to the workplace organisation. Though the structured training program will predominantly be delivered on the job, up to 30% of such training can be provided in a classroom.

The training scheme and its location will be solely dependent upon your field of expertise and relevant workplace industry.