8 Must Try Restaurants in Australia

Here are some of the best places to eat in Sydney right now cause there’s no better way to

know more about Australia than their food. And not only do they satisfy hungry tummies, but they also offer a taste of what living in Australia feels like.


Offering a menu that brings South East Asian influence. They are also inspired by a part of Asian culture of eating together, with large servings that are meant to be shared. The wine and cocktail are perfect together with the overall menu bringing an exquisite balance to the taste.


Featuring over 500 rare and boutique wines, including more than 30 by the glass.

3. Mr. Wong

One of the largest restaurants in the northern end of Sydney, Mr. Wong offers classic Chinese influences in a modern style. Featuring over 60 dishes and a selection of dim sum to choose from.

4. EST

Get mesmerised by the beautiful interior with high white columns and a rich luxurious bits and pieces that gives an overall elegant dining experience.



A simple restaurant that serves dishes that are prepared and executed with precision as they are undeniably complex to do. It’s got a Nordic influenced interior, surely a refreshing restaurant in a city like Sydney.



A little something out of the ordinary, Italian dishes with an Asian twist that will surprise your taste buds. It has a rustic-chic decor that accentuates a unique and hip dining experience.



An industrial-chic bar serving creative sharing plates and small dishes. Focusing on a seasonal menu designed for sharing.


Looking for a fine dining experience with a touch of French taste and modern European class? You’d find everything at Restaurant Hubert, with a great ambience, a wine selection and food that is meant to be shared.

5 Reasons Australia is a Remarkably Perfect Place to Travel

Unbelievable sights that are too beautiful to think they really exist.

1. Bathe in the alluring pink colored Lake Hillier.

2. Trek the Remarkable Rocks in Kangaroo island, you’d be amazed by the granite boulders which are now part of the Flinders Chase National Park.

3. Catch a glimpse of the magnificent southern whales when you drop by the Head of the bight.

 4. Relax and be one with nature while you visit the misty forests of Dandenong Ranges


5. Plunge and dive in the crystalline water of the Piccaninnie Ponds

5 Crazy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Australia

Just when you think you know everything about the land down under, well better think again. These insane facts might just surprise you.

1. From the twenty-four rabbits released back in 1859 Victoria, the population rapidly grew to about 10 billion in a span of not more than 70 years.


2. There are 10, 685 beaches in Australia. You could go beach hopping for years.

3. A swimming pool was named after an Australian prime minister Harold Holt after he went for a swim in Cheviot Beach and disappeared in 1967.


4. Australia banned an episode of Peppa Pig because it said that spiders are not scary and should not be feared.

5. The box jellyfish has the most poisonous venom in the world and it lives just off the coast of
Northern Australia. They are tiny but deadly.


The Thing with Kangaroo Meat

What do you do first when you arrive in another country? Some tour the city and marvel at historic landmarks, some check out the hottest tourist spots, and some go straight to the stalls and try out different kinds of food. The last one is our favorite kind. Australia boasts of a lot of fun dishes that are must-tries for tourists, but one very distinct one always excites each and everyone’s adventurous taste buds: KANGAROO MEAT.

Yes, you heard that right. Move over pork, beef, and chicken… there’s a different kind of superstar in town.

Australians treat kangaroo meat as any kind of meat. They fillet it, use it for barbeques, jerky, and even use it as toppings for pizza… it’s too normal, it’s kind of bizarre! But of course, if kangaroos outnumber the number of Australians in their own land, we’re sure there’s a lot of room to experiment with different styles and flavors!

What does kangaroo meat taste like? They say it’s a cross between venison and buffalo meat. It has a gamey taste that has a distinct but not overpowering flavor. Perfect for those who want their sense of taste to level up but not over board. Its texture is not as dry as a deer’s but a lot leaner than a buffalo’s.

Curious? This is the first thing you need to try when you get to Australia!

Culinary Career Seminars

We rolled out a series of Culinary Career Seminars in the Philippines to spread awareness and encourage Filipino chefs to advance their culinary expertise by getting trained by the best chefs in Australia.

Star Cruises Center (July 23, 2016)

The first culinary career seminar was held at Star Cruises Center in Pasay last July 23, 2016 and was followed by sessions in Maxwell Hotel in Cebu and First Gourmet Academy in Pasig last August 6 and August 19, respectively. Due to public demand, we organized another Culinary Career event at Star Cruises Center last September 3, 2016.

Star Cruises Center (July 23, 2016)

Maxwell Hotel Cebu (August 6, 2016)

First Gourmet Academy (August 19, 2016)

Star Cruises Center (September 3, 2016)

During the seminar, participants were treated to interactive presentations by cheerful hosts as they discussed our goal to give promising chefs in the Philippines the opportunity to turn their Australian dreams into reality by assisting them during the whole onboarding process and help them train alongside their culinary idols.

Star Cruises Center (July 23, 2016)

Star Cruises Center (July 23, 2016)

The demand for culinary professionals has peaked in Australia and we want to take advantage of this opportunity to help Filipinos penetrate the culinary scene and give them the competitive advantage they need to shine in Australia. We provide recruitment and onboarding assistance to those who are qualified and are very hands-on in providing the services Filipino chefs need to transition smoothly to the new chapters of their lives.

Star Cruises Center (September 3, 2016)

Maxwell Hotel Cebu (August 6, 2016)

Maxwell Hotel Cebu (August 6, 2016)

We are very committed and will continue to push our efforts in educating more chefs around the country of this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Get ready for more Culinary Career Seminars to a place near you. For more updates on our upcoming events and seminars follow our social media pages:

Facebook – http://facebook.com/ausphinPtyLtdSydney/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ausphinptyltd

Or add our personal page at Ausphin PtyLtd.

If you’re interested to join our traineeship program, register at http://bit.do/SEC-ausphin and upload your CV so our consultants can assess your qualifications and help you kick start your career!

Apicius Graduations

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Graduation always marks the start of fresh beginnings. Multiple doors open and you have the decision to choose the path you will take. The world is your oyster, and you enter full of energy and feel like you can take on the world. The truth is, you can do great things but people forget that along the way.

Ausphin’s Business Development Manager, Rowena Pellazar, was invited to be the inspirational speaker on Apicius’s Graduation. Rowena is known for her energy and passion and was perfect to inspire the young chefs to take on the world!

Rowena reminded the chefs to always hold on to their passions and always pursue their dreams. Never lose the child-like thinking of achieving great things, but always remember that great things can only be achieved with burning passion in what you do. Always give 100%, because people who go full throttle are those who succeed.

The culinary industry is one of the most colorful, but competitive, industries in the world. Sometimes, skill is not enough. You need to put your heart in your pan and in your plate and make people taste the burning desire you have to create one-of-a-kind dishes. There are days where you will feel useless and not enough, but the days that give you fulfillment are more than enough to make up for it.

Rowena inspired these young chefs but was also realistic in preparing them for the cut-throat world of the culinary world. But no matter what happens, if you hold on to your dreams and pursue your passions, you will come out on top.

From everyone in Ausphin, we want to congratulate the graduates on 2016 and wish them a colorful and fulfilling culinary journey! Remember, we’re here to help!

5 Must Try Food In Australia

When traveling, the fastest way to get to know a culture is through food. Eating what the locals eat gives you a better understanding of their daily lives. With a multicultural society, Australia is one of the most exciting places to eat in the world. Below are 5 must try food while you are in Australia.

1. Vegemite


Vegemite, one of the most beloved spreads in Australia. The perfect way to eat vegemite is to spread it on toast with butter. Warning, do not eat it by the spoonful and will end up hating it.


2. Tim Tams


Ask any Aussie what their favorite chocolate bar and Tim Tams might be a common answer. Tim Tams are a combination of 2 layers of chocolate cream and coated in a thin layer of chocolate. One of the best way to enjoy it is when you combine the chewy goodness of a Tim Tam and paring that with a hot cup of coffee or milo. You bite both ends of the Tim Tam and use it as a straw.

3. Australian Meat Pie


Move over hot dogs, nachos, or event pop corns. Australian meat pies are the fast food choice in any Australian event. Just buy it from a bakery and eat it from a bag. The tomato sauce is a perfect match from the rich gravy and meat.

4. Pavlova


The origin of Pavlova might be arguable between Australia and New Zealand. Regardless to the origin, it is one of the must try food in Australia. The combination of the soft meringue topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream is a definite must try in your food list.

5. Lamington



 Looking for a great mid-afternoon snack? Lamingtons are traditional sponge cakes coated with coconut and chocolate with jam in the middle. Great way to spend your afternoon!

Bowling Night

Feeling fulfilled isn’t always about getting what you want. Sometimes, it’s about getting what you want while not missing on life itself. It’s about achieving work-life balance.

Our trainees deserve a break from work and a pat from the back. We appreciate all the efforts they have put through, so we organized a bowling night for them to have fun!

The trainees mingled with each other, shared a laugh, bonded over simple games and competed with different teams during a mini bowling tournament.

The winning team:

· Sheri Altarejos
· Mark Yuson Aduca
· Neil Uy
· Joe Anthony Bose
· Kristienne Tome
· Marlon Muriel
· Raffy Padohinog

The winners:

1st Place: Raffy Padohinog

2nd Place: Neil Uy

3rd Place: Joe Anthony Bose

The goal is for them to form a relationship with other trainees and make them feel that Ausphin is their home away from home.

Ausphin Fun Day

Working as an Ausphin trainee in Australia is a wonderful way to expand an aspiring chef’s horizons and experience living an independent life abroad. It also enables them to garner new techniques, experiment new cuisines that will cater to foreign tastes, and have an endless learning opportunity everyday.

Work in the kitchen is challenging. But as long as they keep their eye on their dreams, have passion and a strong sense of commitment, they can reach their goal!

To keep the passion up for our Ausphin trainees, we gathered them for an Ausphin Fun Day at the Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park last June 23, 2015. We formed teams that required trainees to mingle, socialize and know each other.

We also organized an amazing race filled with different challenges that encourages them to bond with each other, build relationships and instill the values of Ausphin.

We also had a mini rewards program to acknowledge their efforts and their hard work during their traineeship.

At Ausphin, we are family. We value each other and we have a strong support system with each other. That was the value that transpired during the event. Each of them had fun, met new friends and was able to build good companionship with one another.

At the end of the day, it will always easy to be comfortable with people you can relate with. With Ausphin, it won’t always be about work. We know how to have fun!

8 Free Things to Do in Sydney

Swimming in sunny beaches? Check. Parks and gardens? Check. Historical places, world-class restos, and museums? Triple check! That’s right, Sydney has it all. Whether you’re the type to relax and enjoy the view or the type to try new things and jump from place to place, Sydney definitely has something fun for you.

But don’t fret and check your wallet just yet, because we’ve listed things to do in Sydney that won’t cost you a cent!

1. Art Gallery of NSW (New South Wales)

(Image from www.bookmarc.com.au)

If art is your thing, you wouldn’t want to miss one of Australia’s top art museums. Entrance to the gallery is basically free, and it’s surrounded by lovely parks near Sydney Opera House (something you should check out next). We hear they have free films and talks during Wednesday nights. They also have a library, café, study room, and a shop inside. Plus, there’s just something breath-taking about that architecture!

2. Sydney Opera House

(Image from www.stphotographics.com/2013/05/a-weekend-in-sydney)

If you’re all for strolls and a lovely view, try walking around the Sydney Opera House! When people think of Sydney, this landmark is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, going inside requires payment, but you’re free to explore from outside! So watch the sunset and take lots of photos. If you’re lucky, you could catch the annual lights show! We promise you, it’s much more breath-taking up close.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

(Image from www.expedia.com.ph)

Escape the hustle of the city and have a picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens. You can also see the Sydney Opera House from here; two birds with one stone, am I right? The gardens are open to the public, and they also offer free tours. Soak in the lovely theme gardens and Australia’s native flora. You can also learn how to grow your own flowers! Trust us, you won’t be able to say no to nature’s allure.

4. The Rocks Discovery Museum

(Image from www.sydney.com)

Another museum to feast your eyes on! This one tells the story of The Rocks area of Sydney. If you want to learn more about that specific part of history, this is the place to be. The museum is a mix of old and new; having both historical artifacts and interactive exhibits. The best part of course, is the free admission.

5. Shelley Beach in Manly

(Image from www.discoveringaustralia.com.au/nswbeach.htm)

At last, the ocean! Sydney has lots of sparkling beaches to choose from, but Shelley beach is the top choice when you want to spot plenty of marine life. It’s also known for its well-protected area and free BBQ area. So bring out those swimming goggles, go snorkeling, bring out your surfboards, or just simply take a dip. There are lots more activities to choose from.

6. Queen Victoria Building

(Image from www.discoveringaustralia.com.au/nswbeach.htm)

Of course there’s a place where one could admire architecture. Have a look at the Queen Victoria Building if you enjoy that elegant Victorian style. And yes, feel free to ogle at the wonderful stained glass windows.

7. Sydney Observatory

(Image from www.ebuzzspider.com)

Yes, there’s also a place for astronomy lovers here. Admission to the observatory is also free, but if you want to avail of the tours, you have to purchase tickets. There are times when you could bring your own telescope and the staff will guide you through stargazing. Be sure to check out the planetarium, space hubs, and historic sites. If you want a tour without paying, they have this app and downloadable PDF to use as your guide while walking around the place.

8. Paddington Markets

(Image from www.zeshen.blogspot.com/2013/11/sydney-city.html)

We know, we know, a bit ironic. It’s tempting to spend money at markets, but if you’re all for leisurely browsing and window shopping, you could check out Paddington Markets. You might spot a souvenir you could buy the next time you visit. Plus, they sell crafts and artsy stuff. You’ll have ideas of what to buy when you come back, and you’ll know what to save up for. Of course, you could just enjoy taking photos while wondering around the area.