Why Pursue Your Dreams Abroad

There is a vast choices of opportunity

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Working abroad has a lot of doors that could open. There are limitless opportunities that you can choose to apply and explore what other possibilities and careers are there for you.


Discover who you truly are

There could be a career change if you work abroad. You think that you are stuck on a career you’ve known for a long a time but once you tried something that’s out of your comfort zone, you might think that this is what you are made for. Well you never know, do you?


You are exposed to different cultures

Since it’s a new place, you get a chance to meet new people, fresh faces with a different variety of amazing personalities and a diverse environment. Immersing with different kinds of people is a great learning experience.


Broadening your experience

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There is a great excitement and pure enjoyment when you are in the new city and surroundings that is where you’ll learn a lot. You’ll broaden your horizons and the global experience will help acquire new set of skills.


The opportunity to travel new place

While working abroad you get the opportunity to travel and discover new places. You can consider it as going on an adventure and seeing the world in your own eyes.


Moving abroad helps you to be more independent

In the new environment you’ll learn how to on your own and its help you more to prioritize important things on your own.

Why Work in Australia

Following the launch of AuSkills, Ausphin’s exclusive marketing partner in the Philippines, we are beefing up our services by expanding our reach globally and finding more traineeship programs for our qualified candidates. With the addition of the J-1 program and Working Class Visa 457, candidates now have choices to pursue traineeships in Las Vegas, Nevada, and find employment opportunities in Sydney, Australia for up to four years! Exciting new cultures and fusions of different culinary flavors and techniques now await Ausphin trainees! This is in line with our brand promise of providing the best career opportunities for our participants by constantly innovating and leveling up services and partnerships.

A great place to meet people with different kinds of culture.

Australia is considered as the melting pot of the world because of its population that consists of different people from all around the world.


Job opportunities are available to everyone.

Australia offers different opportunities in retail, commercial and corporate. Whether you’re looking for office work or outdoor work, these types of job is ample in Australia.


Getting a visa is relatively easy

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Ausphin will help you get a working visa that will help you train alongside industry experts in the culinary industry.


The laidback lifestyle will complement your stay in Australia

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Work-life balance is known in Australia because they value the importance of resting and relaxing after a hard day’s work.


Society is very multicultural and Australia surely has a bright future ahead.

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The country booming with a lot of innovations. So “what’s good about Australia?’’ the answer is everything.


Unemployment rates are very low

Based on Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, the unemployed rate fell from 5.8 to 5.7 last January.

( Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02- 16/unemployment-jobs- abs-data- january/8276040 )


Has a prosperous economy and vibrant cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

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Australia has been flourishing with tourists and many companies offer opportunities to those who are seeking employment and learning opportunities in major cities.

New Progam Offerings Of Ausphin In Partnership With Auskills

Following the launch of AuSkills, Ausphin’s exclusive marketing partner in the Philippines, we are beefing up our services by expanding our reach globally and finding more traineeship programs for our qualified candidates. With the addition of the J-1 program and Working Class Visa 457, candidates now have choices to pursue traineeships in Las Vegas, Nevada, and find employment opportunities in Sydney, Australia for up to four years! Exciting new cultures and fusions of different culinary flavors and techniques now await Ausphin trainees! This is in line with our brand promise of providing the best career opportunities for our participants by constantly innovating and leveling up services and partnerships.

The J-1 Visa

The J-1 Visa or Exchange Visitor Program (J-1) is a non-immigrant visa category in the US where promising and competent candidates participate in study-based, paid exchange visitor programs. At Ausphin, the program we provide will enable candidates from around to world to travel to the US to study, demonstrate their skills, and receive on-the- job training with the best hotels and restaurants in a span of one (1) year. This program provides a wide array of opportunities for international candidates to travel, gain quality learning experience, and be immersed in the American culture best known for its lifestyle and food. Ausphin, in partnership with Auskills, will help candidates every step of the way in their transition to leveling up their respective careers and passions. J-1 will provide candidates with world-class experience and a unique career pathway that is a gateway to bigger opportunities.

The Working Class Visa 457

The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) allows competent and qualified candidates to travel to Aust ralia and work for an approved business for up to four years. To do this, candidates must be sponsored by an approved business. Ausphin, in partnership with Auskills, sponsors working visas of hardworking and exceptionally motivated individuals who have the skill and passion to move forward in the careers and achieve quality experience by training alongside the best culinary and hospitality professionals. Aside from providing candidates with opportunity to travel and train abroad, we are very hands-on in ensuring that their application and transition move forward smoothly. We also assist in visa application, airport transfer, lodging, and have frequent check ups to ensure that our candidates have the experience possible. Expect bigger and better things from Ausphin as we continuously look for nurturing host companies to mentor our trainees and renowned employers that will foster and hone the talents of our skilled chefs and culinary professionals. Follow us for updates as we build Ausphin’s reach internationally and solidify our mark as a distinguished recruitment partner of culinary industry leaders in the world!

Ausphin Cook-off 2016

AUSPHIN COOK-OFF: Students Show Promising Culinary Skills, Winning Team Surprises with Exciting Dish

Last December 16, 2016, Ausphin held its first ever Cook-Off Challenge and invited various culinary schools to compete to be the first Ausphin Cook-Off Grand Champion and win scholarships worth more than $2000 AUD.

The event was held in Star Cruises, hosted by the beautiful Mrs. Globe 2013 Sheryl Lynn Callister, and joined by six prestigious culinary schools: First Gourmet Academy, LPU Culinary Institute, La Consolacion College Manila, Arellano University, Culinary Institute of CDO and Escuela Teknika. The theme of the cook-off was Australia-Filipino fusion, participants must prepare their best dishes that represent vibrant and exotic flavors from both Australian Cuisine and Filipino cuisine.

Ausphin Cook-Off Contestants

Mrs. Globe 2013 Sheryl Lynn Callister hosts the 1st Ausphin Cook-off

It was an amazing experience for both Ausphin and participating schools as the level of competitiveness reflected across the entire room. The audience was delighted by the exciting experience of being part of a live cook-off and was surprised by the level of competency of student chefs as they showed promising skills in the kitchen.

Contestants showing off their cooking skills in the kitchen while preparing their dishes

At the end of the hour-long, action-filled showdown, the students of Culinary Institute of CDO triumphed with their impressive dish, “Crocodile Ceviche ala Cagayan de Oro.” La Consolacion College was awarded first runner-up.

Students of Culinary Institute of CDO triumphed and gained the title as the first Ausphin Cook-off winners

The winning dish, Crocodile Ceviche ala Cagayan de Oro

First runners-up from La Consolacion College

It was a successful event for the Ausphin team as they achieved their three important goals for this cook-off:

  1. Showcase culinary skills of students from different culinary schools across the Philippines
  2. Introduce Aushin’s program to culinary students by sponsoring the winning team to a one-of- a-kind traineeship experience
  3. Build relationship with different culinary and hospitality schools in the Philippines

It was a great experience as different culinary schools participated in the event; even schools from provinces like Bulacan and Cagayan de Oro put an effort in joining Ausphin in this important milestone for the company.

Contestants of the Ausphin Cook-off with Rachelle Yilmaz, Director of Ausphin, Sheryl Lynn Callister, host and Chef Jake of Resorts World Manila

Ausphin is expanding its reach to different culinary and hospitality schools in the Philippines to inform them of the opportunities they have to travel and train abroad alongside Australia’s best chefs and hospitality professionals. Watch out for other exciting news and updates as the company tries to bridge the gap and provide more career advancement opportunities to qualified candidates around the globe!

This event would not be possible without our sponsors, Thomas Moersheim of Rossini and John Trann of Anytime Fitness. Again, thank you for the participants and congratulations to the winners.

Satisfied Candidates Fuel Our Passion Further

We cannot express enough the commitment we have to build a better, brighter future for our Ausphin candidates. Throughout the process of onboarding, we have gotten to know them on a deeper level. Their stories, how they are pursuing their passion, inspire us and push us further to continue helping others reach their full potentials and live out their dreams.

When our candidates say something positive about the level of service we have, we use these inspiring statements to fuel our drive to innovate and expand our business to help other dream chasers achieve their goals in hospitality.

Thank you so much, Ausphin candidates. You truly are at the core of our business.

Sharing with you some kind words from Rachelle Torayno, Abi Chen, Ralph Manago, Jithin Sebastian Kalloor, and Jefferson Apolonio! Thank you much for your beautiful words. Keep inspiring others!

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Keep pursuing your dreams and push forward! At Ausphin, we promise to enrich your lives through our high-level quality services and strong commitment to our stakeholders – candidates and principals alike!

Benefits of Being an Ausphin Trainee

Ausphin has built its reputation as Australia’s premier recruitment partner for the hospitality industry by ensuring that all its candidates for deployment are 100% qualified and highly motivated. Passionate people always create a good and healthy environment that builds a culture conducive to growth and further learning. We all want to be in that kind of surrounding but aside from that, what else can you get from your traineeship? Why choose Ausphin among other qualified agencies?

  1. Reputation and Industry Partners

    When moving to a new country, you are risking more than you know. If you do not transition properly, you’ll feel miserable even if you land your dream job or traineeship abroad. When a lot is at stake, why settle for less? Ausphin is the leading traineeship partner of the most renowned hotels and restaurants in Sydney. We have an excellent an onboarding system that will make you feel well accommodated and take cared of.


  2. Aside from our hands-on assistance in processing your visa documents and traineeship, we will properly brief you of everything you need to know before your training begins and will turn you over to the most hospitable people when you arrive in Sydney. Our Sydney team will help you with your lodging and even be with you during your workplace visit to ensure that you build good rapport with your mentor and fellow co-workers. They will also check on you every once and a while to make sure that you are adjusting properly and excelling in the right direction. A direction you are truly passionate about.That’s assistance at its finest… and the most important point of consideration for everyone moving to a new country.
  3. Worldwide Reach

    Ausphin started its operations in the Philippines but has since expanded its reach worldwide. Chefs and hospitality professionals from all over the world now have an equal chance to advance their careers and move to Australia to further enhance their knowledge and get quality first hand experience from the world’s best mentors.

    Australia is one of the melting pots of the world; adjusting to its way of life is very easy! Aussies are known to be very friendly as well. No need to feel intimidated, expect your traineeship to be full of learning, new friends, fun experiences, and crazy adventures!

  4. Working Visa

    Some of you might be hesitant to take traineeship programs because it does not equate to being employed. You are there to train and learn. For some, they cannot afford further learning because they also need to support their families. With Ausphin, you will be given proper compensation for the hours you put in. You will be provided a 402 Visa or a Training and Research Visa. This visa allows you to (1) take part in structured workplace-based training to enhance your skills in your current occupation, area of tertiary study, or field of expertise (Occupational Trainee stream); (2) participate in a professional development training program in Australia after being invited to do so Professional Development stream, and; (3) observe or participate in an Australian research project after being invited to do so (Research stream) (https://www.border.gov.au). You will be considered an Occupational Trainee and is entitled to a salary. With Ausphin, you’ll earn while you learn!

  5. Community Building

    Again, we cannot emphasize proper transition enough. Homesickness is one of the main problems of trainees and workers abroad. Part of Ausphin’s long-term commitment to candidates is to include them in a community of current and former Ausphin trainees that will act as their support system. We also organize events such as Bowling Night, Fun Day, Christmas party, and others to ensure that you sustain your good relationships with fellow trainees and even host companies. Our candidates usually develop lasting friendships with their fellow candidates.

  6. Permanent Employment and Skills Gap Training

    Ausphin is also the premier partner in recruitment and skills gap training in Australia for the hospitality industry. Aside from traineeship, we also offer skilled recruitment and skills gap training.

  7. We ensure that our candidates for recruitment are well prepared and meet the standards of our principals and clients. We offer skills gap training to candidates who need to up-skill their competencies to meet the international standard of excellence required to land employment opportunities abroad. We also provide Australian accreditation to those who need a competitive advantage over their peers to find better opportunities locally and internationally. Lastly, we also offer permanent employment to those who are well-equipped, highly motivated and exceptionally skilled individuals who want to work in Australia’s fast rising hospitality industry.We always prioritize our Ausphin candidates and try to provide them the holistic Ausphin experience that they deserve. We are your growth partners, we are here to help you succeed, live out your passions, and reach your dreams!

7 Reasons to Work Abroad

  1. Experience

    As you grow older, you’ll realize that material things don’t matter and that the thrill of new experiences is what excites you. Working abroad means going on new adventures, meeting new people, adjusting to a new culture, and more! You’ll definitely be forced to grow out of your comfort zone.

  2. New career paths

    Working abroad actually makes you more hirable. International companies will consider you for jobs that require moving around in different countries; because working abroad means you’re flexible, adaptable, and willing to go on different adventures. You’ll also get to learn new skills in the country you’ll work in, and you’ll get to see how your industry works in this side of the world. Plus, when future employers see in your resume that you’ve worked abroad, they’ll definitely take notice.

  3. Budgeting

    Cost of living in other countries is different, thus you’ll learn how to save and to spend on the things that really matter.

  4. Confidence

    Living in a new place and meeting new people might be scary at first but it shows off your sense of independence. Being independent gives you that sense of freedom and definitely helps in boosting your confidence as well, which will become noticeable when you look for work.

  5. Adaptable

    Like we said, new places, new people, new culture.. it all requires you to adjust. Thus you’ll become more adaptable and easy to work with. Just think, adapting to a new language & culture also helps you become more open-minded. Plus, it also helps break stereotypes or any other prejudiced thought you’ve had before.

  6. Find Yourself

    You may have already heard this line before, that traveling will help you find yourself (cliché, we know), but what we mean is but when you’re in an unfamiliar place you’ll know how you’ll fare and act during the good and bad times, and you’ll get an idea of what you really want to do in life.

  7. Friends

    Working abroad also means meeting new friends. You’ll learn how to make friendships that go beyond borders, and you’ll all learn from each other (especially when it comes to culture). You’ll definitely have connections around the world.


6 Scenic Places in Australia you don’t know yet

The Rocks, Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Royal Botanic Gardens... anyone who’s been to Australia (or planning to go) has already heard of these landmarks. Why not try something new on your next visit?


  1. Kangaroo Island

    From their website, “Think of an island with 509km of Coastline & 155km from the East Coast to the West Coast.” More beaches to explore then! While there are already several parks and beaches around Australia, Kangaroo Island is for when you want to completely steer away from the city life. Wildlife sanctuaries, the island itself, and tons of activities are here for you.

  2. Rainbow Beach

    If you’re all about sand sledding, say no more. You can also enjoy the small town feel. This beach got its name from its colored sand, and the place contains one of the biggest sand blows.

  3. Bay of Fires

    Located in Tasmania, this area has lots of camping spots and hiking trails due to the numerous nature reserves and parks. You can also enjoy the white beaches and engage in lots of activities. It got its name from the orange lichen on the rocks by the beach, creating a warm, fiery effect especially when struck by sunlight.

  4. The Great Ocean Road

    Popular with tourists and surfers, this place looks magnificent during sunset and is the perfect stop when you really want to enjoy a scenic view.

  5. Glasshouse Mountains National Park

    This place located north of Brisbane is perfect for nature lovers. Once you’ve explored the forests and hiking trails, you may also indulge in a swim by the beaches at Sunshine Coast.

  6. Margaret River Region

    This place is known for the friendly stingray population at the beaches, the vintage boutiques, and local wineries. You may also indulge in tours and photo ops at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. There are also hiking trails and caves, as well as the famous Margaret River maze.

Ausphin Charity Gives Back at My Father's House in BF

It was a very prosperous year of growth for the Ausphin team last 2016 and we could not have ended it better with an occasion that enabled us to give back and spend time with the amazing children at My Father’s House in BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines. They were our chosen charity for 2016’s Ausphin Charity program.

My Father's House is a private, non-profit child-caring agency that caters to children in need of special protection, ages 4 to 17; providing them with basic needs such as shelter, education, clothing, loving parental care and spiritual nurturing.

The team organized a whole day event of fun for the kids. Aside from ordering Jollibee, the number one fast food chain in the Philippines, we also prepared games for them to enjoy. We also brought some essentials that they can use everyday.



At the end of our Ausphin Charity, we felt very fulfilled for being able to put a smile into these children’s faces. It was a good time to hit pause from a busy day at work and spend time with this positive and compassionate community.


For other companies or even groups who are looking for a community to partner with for their CSR efforts, check out My Father’s House digital details:

Website: http://www.mfhmanila.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/mfh.manila

Email: mfhmanila@hotmail.com

10 Bucketlist in Australia

Australia is the city down under, and there are tons of things to do when you visit. Here are some activities you should definitely add to your bucketlist.

1. Quokka Selfie in Rottnest Island
Only proves that they are one of the friendliest creatures in the planet, they are found in Rottnest Island where they can be found in their natural habitat.


2. Swim with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef
Hangout with the gentle giants close up.

3. Climb the Harbour Bridge
When viewing ain’t enough, then how about climbing up the Harbour Bridge for the full view.

4. View Aurora Australis
Delight your eyes with the magnificent colours of the Aurora Australis.

5. Shark Cage Diving with Great White Sharks
If you ever feel brave enough, there’s one thing to add in your bucket list, it’s definitely Cage diving with Great White Sharks.

6. Camel Tours
Explore the Australian outbacks and desert wilderness full on by trekking with camels.

7. White water rafting in the Franklin River
If you don’t mind getting wet and rowdy, this will be the best time of your life! Go rafting in the Franklin River!

8. Visit the Three Sisters of the Blue Mountains
Admire and get awed by the beautiful scenery of the Blue Mountains. You’d wish you could stay forever.

9. Hot air ballooning at Byron Bay
Relax and float your way up while you take in the beauty of the surrounding country side.


10. Charter a yacht in the Whitsundays
If you are feeling fancy, or just want to go through the best sailing destination, we suggest you charter a yacht in the Whitsundays.