On its second year, Ausphin held its annual Cook-Off event last November 3, 2017, from 9 am to 2 pm, at Martin Place Social, The Arya Plaza Residences in BGC, Taguig City. This most-awaited kitchen battle aimed to showcase the skills of Filipino culinary students and to promote culinary opportunities in Australia. Also, to increase their awareness regarding the importance of culinary sustainability and conservation of resources.

Six best bets from different culinary and hospitality schools -- Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro, Global Academy, La Consolacion College Manila, Malayan Colleges Laguna, SKD Academy, and the University of Makati-- accepted the challenge and fought for victory. Six contenders, but only one winner will receive an Australian Qualification Scholarship with the champion title!

Evan Spargo, TV presenter and event host in Australia and Asia, hosted the event. After quick briefing, the main ingredient was only revealed few minutes before the cooking proper. These included three types of fish - a tanigue, a yellowfin tuna, and a red snapper. Altogether, the participants set the kitchen on fire with their fiery passion in cooking. They were only given an hour to prepare their dishes and impress the judges. Joining the esteemed panel was Ausphin’s Director, Ms. Rachelle Yilmaz, along with Chef Tom Hines, a restaurateur and culinary instructor, and Chef Philip John Golding, founder, and principal of the Golding Culinary Group. Spectators had the chance to witness live cooking from Martin Place Social’s glass-walled kitchen. Engaging photo booth and exciting raffle promos were also prepared for them while they were actively showing support to their school representatives. Ausphin also provided real-time online posting via Facebook Live coverage to cater culinary enthusiasts who were not able to attend.

 After an intense deliberation, the panel announced the victors. Out of all six mouth-watering dishes, one dish stood out and tops the heart of the judges. Mary Ann Meñez from SKD Academy was proclaimed as the Ausphin Cook-Off 2017 Grand Champion. She attained an Australian Qualification Scholarship worth more than 2,000 AUD for her “Seafood Surprise” dish. As for 1st runner-up, Francis John Masangcay from the University of Makati won for his “Pa-Nang Gai” dish. Lastly, Chuser Erika Quidlat from Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro emerged as 2nd runner-up for her “Miso-Ginger Glazed Fish” dish. All winners were given cash prizes, medals, trophies, and Martin Place Social gift certificates. Other equally talented participants namely Arolf Gene Torres from La Consolacion College Manila, Jessie Louie Singh from Global Academy and Jasmine Pinaroc from Malayan Colleges Laguna received also a treat from Martin Place Social.

The five-hour event was fun-filled and flavorful. We, at Ausphin, are grateful! We are looking forward to more successful culinary events in the future!

Stay tuned by following the company’s social media accounts for news and updates.


Adhering to our promise to provide you with the best services in the hospitality industry, we, at Ausphin, are cooking up something enticing for hospitality aspirants and professionals who want to make it big in the industry. We are proud to announce that we are partnered with Ausphin International Institute, a globally recognised Australian Registered Training Organization (RTO), to help boost your career even further! We’re excited to share with you a special sneak peek of its unique program offerings and exclusive features!

After partnering with Ausphin International Institute, our promise to help aspiring professionals advance their careers and live out their culinary goals are stronger than ever. Now, with the help of acclaimed culinary mentors, we will improve their technical skills and ensure that they reach international standards. More than quality experience, our trainees will gain incomparable knowledge from the mentorship of our distinguished chef partners. This will provide them the necessary skillset to compete in a global platform.

No time? No problem! Ausphin International Institute’s modules can be adjusted to fit in an individual’s busy schedule! Ausphin International Institute’s short courses are compressed in three, six, or nine sessions. Hospitality professionals can join and finish a short course in just a week! The certificate training courses are modified for maximum learning in just a short span of time. If the enrollees are willing to invest more on what they started, a couple of weeks may not be that hassle. After six months, they can be granted an International Diploma in Culinary Arts and Development. And in just as short as 12 months, they can gain a Certificate in Fundamental Culinary Arts and Management.

Ausphin International Institute prides itself in its distinguished local and international trainers and advisors. By partnering with us, we can further help our enrollees in pursuing their career goals around the world. With strong connections built across international hospitality groups, Ausphin International Institute will surely provide excellent opportunities to our determined hospitality aspirants.

Ausphin International Institute also puts a premium on first-hand experiences. Trainings will focus on unleashing one’s potential through Ausphin International Institute’s Live Kitchen. Enrollees will have access to real restaurant operations and experience trainings in an actual kitchen set-up. This means that students will gain understanding and be exposed to the entire management procedures and observe industry experts in action.

Training for culinary superiority will never be this fulfilling and exhilarating! Expect more exciting developments in the next months as we look forward to achieve greater heights with Ausphin.


For the whole month this September, Ausphin held a series of career seminars in parts of Luzon and Central Visayas. The series focused on the culinary and hospitality industry, wherein aspiring professionals and fresh graduates were invited.


Luzon provincial delegates participated in the seminar last September 5, 2017, at Hotel La Corona at Lipa, Batangas. Another was situated at The Bliss Hotel, San Fernando, Pampanga last September 7. Both were facilitated by Ms. Brenda Mati, Ausphin’s Business Development Officer. Certainly, delegates from Metro Manila didn’t let this rare moment pass by. The third seminar took place at Arya Residences, BGC, Taguig last September 13 and 14. Joining in facilitation was Ausphin's Director, Ms. Rachelle Yilmaz, and Chef Angelo Velante, a former Executive Chef of Boutique Venues in Australia who was also trained by Chef Gordon Ramsay. Currently, he is involved in Martin Place Social, a modern Australian dining and wine bar, located also at BGC. The last two seminars were conducted last September 19 at Calle Uno, Baguio City and September 23 at The Maxwell Hotel, Cebu - the latter being the same venue where they held their seminar in August last year. The speakers came together to ensure meaningful experience-based responses and learnings they could impart for the talk to be more engaging; as well as encourage the attendees to bring their skills to a higher level and become more competitive in the industry.

Through these seminars, Ausphin introduced the opportunity to these young and aspiring Filipino chefs and hoteliers who wanted to fulfill their dreams of working in Australia. The benefits of the training program were explained to the attendees. Ausphin also showed their commitment to help them advance in their careers through upskilling and training. More so, one of the event’s highlights was when Ms. Yilmaz directly answered some of the questions from the attendees. These queries revolved around their expectations of working in Australia. Above all, she gave emphasis on how Ausphin's training program will play a vital role for the aspirants to be competitive in this fast-growing industry. Indeed, in just a short yet meaningful span of time, everyone had a great learning experience on how to become successful in reaching their dreams.


Aristotle once said that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. This statement is associated with synergy, which means working together to accomplish everything with the aid of both parties involved.

At Ausphin, we value hospitality partners which will help us hand-in-hand to become one step closer to our goals.

As market leaders, Ausphin offers the best training and placement solutions in Australia that caters to passionate individuals. Among these, we are committed to provide relevant training and development, with the goal of filling skill shortage within Australian hospitality industry. Our services tries to combat the growing global competition. More so, offshore and onshore sources is our edge.

We at Ausphin, puts premium on long term employment from our massive talent pool, and budding professionals. These candidates then undergo rigorous screening process so we can assure our industry partners hire the right person that could perfectly match the requirement. This array is composed of hospitality enthusiasts which have globally competitive talent, as well as dedicated and passionate ambition to learn - both great factors that will surely contribute on providing a competitive edge for sustainable workforce.

Indeed, these cream of the crop are well-equipped of skill and commitment level which will guarantee boost in Australia’s culinary industry.

Specifically, there are six partnership benefits that we assure our industry partners:

  • targeted selection;
  • long term dedication;
  • competitive strategies;
  • committed candidates;
  • ROI and cost reduction (no recruitment charge); and
  • brand recognition.

As our industry partner, we believe that we could further work out your recognition and reputation among others by partnering with us.

Modesty aside, we then received positive feedback as a track of our quality services from our growing number of esteemed industry partners.

We firmly believe that as partners, we could grow together as we press on meeting our goals. Contact us today and together, let’s reach greater heights!


On July 31, 2017, the best and the brightest in the hospitality industry converged at the 2nd annual Restaurant Leaders Summit in Royal Randwick Racecourse. It was a gathering of industry pioneers, where owners, managers, and chefs shared valuable insights on achieving success in this very competitive business.

The summit was a full day of learning about important, topics such as financials, diversification, retention, revenue, and business acumen, among others. It was a holistic conversation that took us out of the back of house and into the frontline of industry matters. Leaders were given the opportunity to learn from those who had firsthand experience in the struggles, demands, and success in hospitality.

One of Ausphin’s favourite partners, Nino from Pendolino did an amazing job in voicing the issues about the 457 visas, a very controversial topic in the industry today. At Ausphin, we are ready for changes like these, and equipped with the expertise to follow new pathways for prospective workers— with partners and talents alike!

We all know about the skills shortage and the 457 was one of the main solutions to that problem—56,000 missing, expected to rise to over 100,000 by 2020—and now that solution has seemingly hit a bump in the road. So how do you find staff, and even when you do, how do you retain them? As part of our partnership program, Ausphin’s goal is just that. Sustainable, ongoing training and investment will always return gains in the long run.

The insights, trends, and valuable learnings we acquired during the whole day event will help us as we move forward in innovating and finding new ways to source and train talents, and create a culture of highly motivated and involved hospitality professionals. It was a great privilege to be able to connect with partners, current and new alike, as part of our endeavours to sustain the motivation and competencies of our people. Our people then use their skills to ultimately advance the standards of the whole industry in Australia.


AuSkills launches modern tool all job-seekers need to get ahead

Last June 8, 2017, AuSkills officially launched the Visume International Profile or V.I.P., a modern tool used in job applications that is meant to help job-seekers promote their skills better and create good impressions. With the V.I.P., candidates are given the chance to showcase their personality and culinary prowess in a two-minute video, which will then be submitted to potential Australian host companies. In support of AuSkills, its exclusive local consultancy partner, Ausphin joined them in their first ever video shoot.

Preparing for the V.I.P shoot

The launch of V.I.P and the chefs’ real-time preparation allowed our members from Ausphin to witness first-hand how competent the candidates were in terms of their culinary and interpersonal skills. Apart from seeing them work straight from the kitchen, they could observe the qualities of each candidate and how they interacted with the people who were present during the V.I.P shoot. As AuSkills launched the V.I.P. Ausphin was able to gauge not only the candidates’ culinary expertise but also their individual personalities, which were important qualifications for host companies in Australia.

With V.I.P, candidates can showcase both their communication and culinary skills

Things quickly began to escalate when the candidates started preparing their own dishes. Seeing the candidates perform with much passion and vigor, from mis en place to cooking and plating, showed our Ausphin representatives not only the candidates’ individual abilities but also their love for cooking. This easily became the highlight of the event, as the pressures in the kitchen served as the real test to these culinary professionals. Despite the heat brought about by the kitchen, the V.I.P launch still ended successfully, with proud and happy smiles from all participating candidates.

Candidates wear satisfied smiles as they proudly show off their hard work

With the help of Ausphin Pty Ltd, AuSkills aims to upskill individuals in the global competitive market, especially those in the culinary and hospitality industry. The V.I.P launch is only one of the many services AuSkills offers to individuals who want to get ahead in their professional life, and Ausphin continues to support AuSkills in all its endeavors.

Managing Talents With Ausphin

Recruiting highly skilled employees has gotten a lot tougher nowadays.

With businesses popping up like wild mushrooms everywhere, job-seekers are constantly bombarded with endless options of which company they should go for, and with whom they can entrust their professional career to. Like a suitor in pursuit of a significant other, many companies actively seek out candidates, trying out different wooing schemes, especially to those they know to be of good character. However, just like a woman with many suitors, the job-seeker will also only choose one suitor out of the many-- namely the employer she is most attracted to and one she trusts the most.

Because challenges like these persist in today’s professional world, it is no longer uncommon for companies to hire third party industries to reach out to potential employees. Much like the wing man or woman sworn to bridge two persons together romantically, third party recruitment industries like Ausphin Pty Ltd. is about bridging Australian employers with the best employee trainees in the hospitality and culinary industry. Ausphin recognizes and understands the demand and importance of a skilled workforce and its contribution to the business, industry, and global economy; as such, it is committed to delivering not just quality trainees to its host companies, but also valuable learning experiences to its program trainees.

With Ausphin, acquiring talent is also made easier and diverse. There are no recruitment fees, and the selection process from pre-screen to matching is also already taken cared of by Ausphin. It also gives the host company a chance to work with talents from different parts of the world in order to provide their respective companies with fresher perspectives and a stronger global understanding.

Ausphin’s dedication to obtaining and nurturing global talents has already been experienced by a number of host companies, including big names in the industry like Hilton, Park Hyatt, and Rockpool Dining Group in Australia. To these host companies, Ausphin has significantly helped reduce the inconvenience of employing overseas workers by taking control of the whole process. Though they are very hands-on, Ausphin also makes sure to always involve their clients in their every move by being professional and transparent. Ausphin also employs strict screening processes for their trainees, with some minimums including having one (1) year experience in their respective fields and having a competent level of English and communication skills, to ensure that all trainees are of high caliber.

Ausphin holds people and talent at a high value, which translates into the different ways they take care of their clients. With Ausphin, growing a culture of global talents becomes possible in one’s own company. Join Ausphin, and be a host company now!

Ausphin Fun Day

Doing what you love is always fun. But Ausphin makes it more fun as we organized Ausphin Fun Day. A day of meeting new friends and socializing with your co-trainees. The event happened last May 15, 2017, at the Bicentennial Park, Olympic Park NSW 2127.

New trainees were welcomed and introduced to Ausphin. The trainees enjoyed their time with Ausphin building a stronger relationship with their co-trainees. Passion in what you do makes the food better but having a great company/friends make you enjoy the things that you do especially when you are away from your family.

Fun games and activities with lots of prizes and surprises were given to trainees for joining the event. Meeting new friends and gaining lasting bonds with each other will be memorable in making their stay in abroad worthwhile.

Teamwork makes the dream work and Ausphin is here to help our trainees make their dreams come true. To keep up the fire burning these activities developed the trainee’s team spirit as we are not just a company who supports them but we are a family.

Soon your hard work will pay off and we can’t wait to celebrate your success with us. See you on the next Ausphin Fun Day.

Why Pursue Your Dreams Abroad

There is a vast choices of opportunity

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Working abroad has a lot of doors that could open. There are limitless opportunities that you can choose to apply and explore what other possibilities and careers are there for you.


Discover who you truly are

There could be a career change if you work abroad. You think that you are stuck on a career you’ve known for a long a time but once you tried something that’s out of your comfort zone, you might think that this is what you are made for. Well you never know, do you?


You are exposed to different cultures

Since it’s a new place, you get a chance to meet new people, fresh faces with a different variety of amazing personalities and a diverse environment. Immersing with different kinds of people is a great learning experience.


Broadening your experience

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There is a great excitement and pure enjoyment when you are in the new city and surroundings that is where you’ll learn a lot. You’ll broaden your horizons and the global experience will help acquire new set of skills.


The opportunity to travel new place

While working abroad you get the opportunity to travel and discover new places. You can consider it as going on an adventure and seeing the world in your own eyes.


Moving abroad helps you to be more independent

In the new environment you’ll learn how to on your own and its help you more to prioritize important things on your own.