Adhering to our promise to provide you with the best services in the hospitality industry, we, at Ausphin, are cooking up something enticing for hospitality aspirants and professionals who want to make it big in the industry. We are proud to announce that we are partnered with Ausphin International Institute, a globally recognised Australian Registered Training Organization (RTO), to help boost your career even further! We’re excited to share with you a special sneak peek of its unique program offerings and exclusive features!

After partnering with Ausphin International Institute, our promise to help aspiring professionals advance their careers and live out their culinary goals are stronger than ever. Now, with the help of acclaimed culinary mentors, we will improve their technical skills and ensure that they reach international standards. More than quality experience, our trainees will gain incomparable knowledge from the mentorship of our distinguished chef partners. This will provide them the necessary skillset to compete in a global platform.

No time? No problem! Ausphin International Institute’s modules can be adjusted to fit in an individual’s busy schedule! Ausphin International Institute’s short courses are compressed in three, six, or nine sessions. Hospitality professionals can join and finish a short course in just a week! The certificate training courses are modified for maximum learning in just a short span of time. If the enrollees are willing to invest more on what they started, a couple of weeks may not be that hassle. After six months, they can be granted an International Diploma in Culinary Arts and Development. And in just as short as 12 months, they can gain a Certificate in Fundamental Culinary Arts and Management.

Ausphin International Institute prides itself in its distinguished local and international trainers and advisors. By partnering with us, we can further help our enrollees in pursuing their career goals around the world. With strong connections built across international hospitality groups, Ausphin International Institute will surely provide excellent opportunities to our determined hospitality aspirants.

Ausphin International Institute also puts a premium on first-hand experiences. Trainings will focus on unleashing one’s potential through Ausphin International Institute’s Live Kitchen. Enrollees will have access to real restaurant operations and experience trainings in an actual kitchen set-up. This means that students will gain understanding and be exposed to the entire management procedures and observe industry experts in action.

Training for culinary superiority will never be this fulfilling and exhilarating! Expect more exciting developments in the next months as we look forward to achieve greater heights with Ausphin.