Working as an Ausphin trainee in Australia is a wonderful way to expand an aspiring chef’s horizons and experience living an independent life abroad. It also enables them to garner new techniques, experiment new cuisines that will cater to foreign tastes, and have an endless learning opportunity everyday.

Work in the kitchen is challenging. But as long as they keep their eye on their dreams, have passion and a strong sense of commitment, they can reach their goal!

To keep the passion up for our Ausphin trainees, we gathered them for an Ausphin Fun Day at the Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park last June 23, 2015. We formed teams that required trainees to mingle, socialize and know each other.

We also organized an amazing race filled with different challenges that encourages them to bond with each other, build relationships and instill the values of Ausphin.

We also had a mini rewards program to acknowledge their efforts and their hard work during their traineeship.

At Ausphin, we are family. We value each other and we have a strong support system with each other. That was the value that transpired during the event. Each of them had fun, met new friends and was able to build good companionship with one another.

At the end of the day, it will always easy to be comfortable with people you can relate with. With Ausphin, it won’t always be about work. We know how to have fun!