Occupational Traineeship & Research Visa and Paid Traineeship Program

Ausphin has been approved to sponsor suitable and eligible candidates for the Traineeship & Research Visa (subclass 402) by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

What is a Traineeship & Research Visa (TRV)?

A TRV is simply a temporary visa. The TRV can only be granted for a training program. The training program can be delivered for a minimum of 1 year, over a maximum period of up to 2 years.

Applicants wishing to remain in Australia after the conclusion of the training program must apply for a new temporary or permanent visa. Alternatively, you will be required to depart.

What is a Traineeship & Research Visa Program?

Under Ausphin’s sponsorship and a TRV (Traineeship & Research Visa), offshore/onshore applicants are able to complete a structured and supervised workplace based training program in Australia.

Ultimately, the Paid Traineeship Program allows candidates to enhance and/or add skills to their present fields of expertise or occupations in an exciting way! The applicant is able to gain valuable on the job training in an Australian firm, whilst making a genuine contribution to the workplace organisation. Though the structured training program will predominantly be delivered on the job, up to 30% of such training can be provided in a classroom.

The training scheme and its location will be solely dependent upon your field of expertise and relevant workplace industry.