Last June 8, 2017, AuSkills officially launched the Visume International Profile or V.I.P., a modern tool used in job applications that is meant to help job-seekers promote their skills better and create good impressions. With the V.I.P., candidates are given the chance to showcase their personality and culinary prowess in a two-minute video, which will then be submitted to potential Australian host companies. In support of AuSkills, its exclusive local consultancy partner, Ausphin joined them in their first ever video shoot.

Preparing for the V.I.P shoot

The launch of V.I.P and the chefs’ real-time preparation allowed our members from Ausphin to witness first-hand how competent the candidates were in terms of their culinary and interpersonal skills. Apart from seeing them work straight from the kitchen, they could observe the qualities of each candidate and how they interacted with the people who were present during the V.I.P shoot. As AuSkills launched the V.I.P. Ausphin was able to gauge not only the candidates’ culinary expertise but also their individual personalities, which were important qualifications for host companies in Australia.

With V.I.P, candidates can showcase both their communication and culinary skills

Things quickly began to escalate when the candidates started preparing their own dishes. Seeing the candidates perform with much passion and vigor, from mis en place to cooking and plating, showed our Ausphin representatives not only the candidates’ individual abilities but also their love for cooking. This easily became the highlight of the event, as the pressures in the kitchen served as the real test to these culinary professionals. Despite the heat brought about by the kitchen, the V.I.P launch still ended successfully, with proud and happy smiles from all participating candidates.

Candidates wear satisfied smiles as they proudly show off their hard work

With the help of Ausphin Pty Ltd, AuSkills aims to upskill individuals in the global competitive market, especially those in the culinary and hospitality industry. The V.I.P launch is only one of the many services AuSkills offers to individuals who want to get ahead in their professional life, and Ausphin continues to support AuSkills in all its endeavors.