The hospitality and culinary industries can be notoriously difficult businesses to be a part of. People spend their money and time to do something they seek pleasure from, so they are very particular in the service they are getting and are definitely less forgiving when their standards for comfort and leisure aren’t met.

This is why you need proper training and the right kind of environment to develop your technical and social skills. Australia is one of the best locations to train in because of the numerous opportunities, accommodating people and excellent training programs. Plus, who doesn’t want to tour around Australia?

At Ausphin, we want to give you a chance to train and build a sustainable career in Australia. We specifically match your skillsets to our vacancies to allow you to maximize your experience in learning, training and delivering your tasks.

Here are 10 reasons why Australia is one of the best places for hospitality and culinary:

  1. Australians are one of the friendliest people in the world.

Filipinos are afraid to look for training and career opportunities abroad because they are intimidated with how other cultures will treat them. In Australia, you do not have to be afraid. Australians are very relaxed in general and appreciative of the services catered to them.

  1. You will learn how to become more punctual

Say goodbye to the infamous Filipino time! At Australia, people value the importance of time and delivery. You will be trained by industry leaders to maximize your time at work and deliver tasks efficiently. Get ready for amazing work ethics that you can apply in the future!

  1. Get equal opportunities; one of the most multicultural nations on Earth.

Sometimes, people are hesitant to travel abroad because they might not get the same opportunities as others. Apart from being friendly, Australia is known as one of the most multicultural nations on Earth. People are treated the same way and get equal opportunities; let your skills do the talking for you. Go up the ladder the right way!

  1. Enter Australia with a 402 Visa.

All suitable candidates will enter Australia with a 402 visa. This means that Ausphin will issue the necessary documentation needed for candidates to obtain the training and research visa – the occupational trainee stream.

  1. Get paid during your traineeship.

Learn and get experience while being paid! It’s one of the best things that Ausphin can give their candidates; a parallel trajectory in experience and finances. Plus, more and more people have been joining so they don’t have to worry about missing home. Filipinos represent!

  1. Enjoy the amazing weather

Australia has one of the best weathers in the world! It rarely rains; it’s usually just bright and sunny without being too humid. People are productive because they don’t get hindered by bad weather.

  1. Visit awesome tourist destinations.

Did you know that there are more kangaroos than people in Australia? Apart from tourist destinations you’ve already ready about it’s also fun to see unique flora and fauna found in the land down under! You’ll enjoy exploring this country.

  1. Work hard and party hard!

People just love to kick back and have a good time in Australia. When work ends, the party begins! Practice work life balance and enjoy the party scene. Get to meet a lot of new people! Build your network while having fun.

There are so many beautiful things in Australia to see and explore and opportunities to take advantage of. At Ausphin, we want give Filipinos the chance to build a career in Australia while living their passion! We’re currenly looking for qualified candidates for chef de partie, junior sou chef, demi chef de partie, commis! Send us your CVs at or visit our website at for more details.