Swimming in sunny beaches? Check. Parks and gardens? Check. Historical places, world-class restos, and museums? Triple check! That’s right, Sydney has it all. Whether you’re the type to relax and enjoy the view or the type to try new things and jump from place to place, Sydney definitely has something fun for you.

But don’t fret and check your wallet just yet, because we’ve listed things to do in Sydney that won’t cost you a cent!

1. Art Gallery of NSW (New South Wales)

(Image from www.bookmarc.com.au)

If art is your thing, you wouldn’t want to miss one of Australia’s top art museums. Entrance to the gallery is basically free, and it’s surrounded by lovely parks near Sydney Opera House (something you should check out next). We hear they have free films and talks during Wednesday nights. They also have a library, café, study room, and a shop inside. Plus, there’s just something breath-taking about that architecture!

2. Sydney Opera House

(Image from www.stphotographics.com/2013/05/a-weekend-in-sydney)

If you’re all for strolls and a lovely view, try walking around the Sydney Opera House! When people think of Sydney, this landmark is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, going inside requires payment, but you’re free to explore from outside! So watch the sunset and take lots of photos. If you’re lucky, you could catch the annual lights show! We promise you, it’s much more breath-taking up close.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

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Escape the hustle of the city and have a picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens. You can also see the Sydney Opera House from here; two birds with one stone, am I right? The gardens are open to the public, and they also offer free tours. Soak in the lovely theme gardens and Australia’s native flora. You can also learn how to grow your own flowers! Trust us, you won’t be able to say no to nature’s allure.

4. The Rocks Discovery Museum

(Image from www.sydney.com)

Another museum to feast your eyes on! This one tells the story of The Rocks area of Sydney. If you want to learn more about that specific part of history, this is the place to be. The museum is a mix of old and new; having both historical artifacts and interactive exhibits. The best part of course, is the free admission.

5. Shelley Beach in Manly

(Image from www.discoveringaustralia.com.au/nswbeach.htm)

At last, the ocean! Sydney has lots of sparkling beaches to choose from, but Shelley beach is the top choice when you want to spot plenty of marine life. It’s also known for its well-protected area and free BBQ area. So bring out those swimming goggles, go snorkeling, bring out your surfboards, or just simply take a dip. There are lots more activities to choose from.

6. Queen Victoria Building

(Image from www.discoveringaustralia.com.au/nswbeach.htm)

Of course there’s a place where one could admire architecture. Have a look at the Queen Victoria Building if you enjoy that elegant Victorian style. And yes, feel free to ogle at the wonderful stained glass windows.

7. Sydney Observatory

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Yes, there’s also a place for astronomy lovers here. Admission to the observatory is also free, but if you want to avail of the tours, you have to purchase tickets. There are times when you could bring your own telescope and the staff will guide you through stargazing. Be sure to check out the planetarium, space hubs, and historic sites. If you want a tour without paying, they have this app and downloadable PDF to use as your guide while walking around the place.

8. Paddington Markets

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We know, we know, a bit ironic. It’s tempting to spend money at markets, but if you’re all for leisurely browsing and window shopping, you could check out Paddington Markets. You might spot a souvenir you could buy the next time you visit. Plus, they sell crafts and artsy stuff. You’ll have ideas of what to buy when you come back, and you’ll know what to save up for. Of course, you could just enjoy taking photos while wondering around the area.